Public Diplomacy


Public diplomacy is the…projection in the international arena of the values and ideas of the public…. the aim of the practice of public diplomacy is not to convince but to communicate, not to declare but to listen. Public diplomacy seeks to build a sphere in which diverse voices can be heard in spite of their various origins, distinct values and often contradictory interests.
-Professor Manuel Castells, University of Southern California

Public diplomacy is a field based on the communications of ideas internationally. While diplomacy consists of the high-level interactions between governments, public diplomacy is the communication of governments, and nongovernmental organizations, to foreign publics.

Levantine Public Diplomacy is at the forefront of the practice of public diplomacy. Working to build space in which different cultures can communicate through the exchange of cultures and values, Levantine Public Diplomacy conducts independent public and cultural diplomacy with various foreign ministries and nongovernmental organizations around the globe.



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