Aloha Venezuela

cropped-levantine_logo_.pngLevantine PD is honored to take Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar legends Keola Beamer and Jeff Peterson, with Hula Master Moanalani Beamer, to Venezuela with the U.S. Embassy in Caracas.  While on tour, these Ambassadors of Aloha will perform, conduct workshops and masterclasses, and collaborate with local Venezuelan musicians. They will share the ephemeral Hawaiian spirit of Aloha, which is the essence of compassion, love and peace; Venezuela could use a little Aloha right now.

Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson and Moanalani Beamer toured Brazil with the American Music Abroad program, accompanied by Levantine PD’s Executive Director.  They were supposed to visit Venezuela as well–but the political situation proved otherwise.

Levantine PD will be posting photos and videos from the Aloha Venezuela tour, follow along to enjoy the adventure!9039819591_68ffa65659_o (1)